September 8, 2014

Effective listening goes far deeper than we understand. Master this skill and it will transform your life and business. It’s a powerful creative skill. Depending on how we listen, the outcome will influence us negatively or positively. Reading Genership 1.0: Beyond Leadership Toward Liberating the Creative Soul has given me a new insight into listening. The fundamentals  in relation to listening and creativity are explained in the book.

The author David Castro states, “We can only fully understand the role of listening within creativity when we come to grips with how the mere presence of our consciousness shapes the world around us. When we listen, we open those doors that our ideas, senses and related tools select from the much broader field of possible experience. This practice gives birth to some potential avenues for interaction and development and closes off others. Listening becomes the cornerstone of creative activity.”

don’t talk, just listen

Many times when we’re listening to someone speaking, we interrupt without realizing. Too keen to have our say, we jump in impatiently to share our story. We always seem to have something in common with what the other person is saying. It even boils down to when we are  giving people a supportive shoulder. They’re crying, but instead of letting them cry, we give them a tissue. In effect, we’re stopping them from releasing their tears. They’ll stop crying to use the tissue, blow their nose and dry their eyes. It cuts off their flow. Read more…