blue economy challenge invites new solutions for our oceans

May 4, 2016

Jurgen Freund/WWF Jurgen Freund/WWF

Do you have the best recipe for a seaweed shake? Have you been inspired by other ways we can farm fish? If so, you need to check out the Blue Economy Challenge.

Together with the innovationXchange of the Australian Government, Conservation X Labs, NineSigma, SecondMuse, WWF has launched a new competition to source creative solutions and engage new solvers to rethink the future of aquaculture—also known as farmed fish. This industry is a vital producer in the global seafood market, accounting for nearly 50 percent of the fish we eat. However, the rapid expansion of this industry has not come without impacts on the environment and society.

Blue Economy Challenge aims to address these impacts by crowdsourcing new and innovative approaches to aquaculture in the Indian Ocean region. Transformations in this region can help address the stresses of poverty of coastal communities who rely on fish for their livelihoods while ensuring access to nutritious food and conserving ocean resources.

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