how the flint water crisis reveals a rupture in our democracy

May 4, 2016

This article was written by Maria Hernandez and originally published by The Environmentalist, a place for breaking news and commentary by Greenpeace. 

The Flint water crisis was neither inevitable nor accidental — it was the failure of a broken democracy.

At first, the crowd outside the March 6 Democratic Debate in Flint was exactly what you’d expect: cheering throngs chanting for their candidates of choice.

But then came the sound of drums approaching from a distance. And then came the activists. From around the country, they came together not to rally for candidates, but to bring attention to the rupture of democracy in Flint that led to the poisoning of an entire city.

In the flood of information now coming out about the Flint water crisis, a clear pattern has emerged. The governmental decisions that both created and covered up this public health disaster were neither inevitable nor accidental.

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