The artist’s role in society

April 7, 2017


Jessica Libor is an artist from Philadelphia, PA. She studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and also at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.

Recently I’ve been thinking about professions, pay, and service.  Why do some professions pay more than others? For instance, why does a doctor get paid more hourly than a barista? This has nothing to do with the worthwhile efforts of either of the people holding these jobs. You could be the best barista on the planet, make the best cup of coffee in the world and serve it with pleasantness, with a design in the foam of your own making. However, as long as you stay a barista, you will not be compensated for your time and expertise in the way that a doctor will.  Why?

Because people need doctors. “But I need coffee!” you may exclaim. You may feel that you need coffee, and you may be addicted to coffee, but you do not need coffee to survive. However, if you had health issues that needed fixing, you would need a doctor. A doctor meets a need that the world has. Many times, a very urgent need. There is also the skill level that is necessary to become a doctor, one that takes into account years and years of intensive, difficult study and exacting practice. Enough practice that the doctor can then do what they do best, whether it is general practice or surgery, and feel confident enough that they will not mess up. You can’t just wake up tomorrow and be one.  It requires decades of planning and dedication. This service they provide to mankind makes them valuable.  No offense to Baristas here–I love coffee!:)

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