Bashar Humeid: Freedom is a greenhouse on your rooftop

May 17, 2017


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(Image courtesy of Impact Beacon)

What’s on the roof of your house? How about on the rooftop of the building where you work or go to school?

If you’re like me (and much of the world), your answer is “nothing”. Your rooftop is largely unutilized space. But what if your rooftop heated and cooled your house? What if it did that for free, and collected your water and produced healthy, organic food for you and your family? In Jordan, buildings are steadily adopting a simple greenhouse unit that can do all of that, and more.

Bashar Humeid is the founder of Meezan, a nonprofit social enterprise in Amman using affordable technological innovations to address a lack of energy and water in Jordan.

From Environmental Journalist to Social Entrepreneur

Originally from Jordan, Bashar studied political science in Germany. He went on to work as an environmental and energy journalist in Germany for DW TV. From there, he moved to the UAE to continue his research on environmental issues with a think tank in Abu Dhabi.

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