December 8, 2017


Founded in 1997, Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship is one of three Centers of Distinction at Santa Clara University. The centers embody the University’s mission to unite students and faculty with Silicon Valley leaders to address significant public issues. Miller Center accelerates global, innovation-based entrepreneurship in service to humanity.

More than three-quarters of Ugandans depend on agriculture for their livelihood, but only 31% of the arable land in Uganda is in use. Smallholder farmers make up over 80% of the farming community in Uganda, but it’s nearly impossible for them to get loans: only 1% of commercial lending in Uganda goes to farmers. In addition to lacking credit, these farmers face a number of issues that threaten their survival. Agropreneur Initiative is “plugging the gaps” in the agricultural value chain by providing financing, high-quality inputs, training and guidance, financial literacy training, and marketing support. Agropreneur Initiative also helps farmers sell their produce for prices that are three times higher than before.

Over two billion people drink fecally-contaminated water in places like Lagos, Bangkok and Mexico City. Folia Water has developed a new kind of water filter that is made with silver nanoparticle paper that kills viruses and bacteria. The Folia Filter is ten times cheaper than bottled water, so the two billion people who make $2-$10 per day can afford them.

These are only two of eleven social enterprises that just graduated from the eleventh cohort of Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship’s Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI®) Online program. Each of the social enterprises described above represent one of Miller Center’s two strategic initiatives: Climate Resilience and Women Rising.

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