Let’s Talk About Race

13 September 2017


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Without question, race is at the forefront of today’s conversations. For some, race has always been a critical issue and for others, national conversations about race are new. But no matter if you’ve been on the front lines of racial issues for decades or you’ve never really thought about it before, it’s as important as ever to dive into this important topic.

Like with all things, silence speaks loudly. When we don’t talk about subjects that matter, we’re explicitly making a choice to be silent.

So, let’s talk about race.

We will be diving into a new series here on our blog that discusses topics related to race, culture and identity. We’ll share some of our favorite books, appropriate language to use with kids, tools for self-reflections about our own race and backgrounds and more…

Let’s get started.

First of all, it’s very important to note that children notice race. Research has disproven the commonly held belief that children only have biases if they’re taught them. Children form their own biases related to race not only from what they learn from parents and other adults, but from what they observe in their own surroundings. One researcher compared this to accents – if children only learned what they observe from their parents, the children of parents with accents would also have accents. But instead, children observe a variety of patterns from society, school, their community, etc. and adopt behaviors based on what they see.

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