Empathy: Social Visionaries Putting Creativity Into Action

Empathy: Social Visionaries Putting Creativity into Action

This revealing and inspiring book—available in paperback, e-book and audio formats with a new volume published biennially—comprises 22 chapters, each highlighting one of today’s most imaginative and resourceful social innovators. Among the featured leaders are Nobel Peace Prize recipient Kailash Satyarthi—Global March Against Child Labor, Dan Weiss—Metropolitan Museum of Art, Andreas Merkl—Ocean Conservancy, John Marks—Search for Common Ground, David Castro—I-LEAD, Mary Gordon—Roots of Empathy, James Thornton—ClientEarth, Rupert Scofield—Foundation for International Community Assistance (FINCA), Clive Gillinson—Carnegie Hall, Ángel Cabrera—George Mason University, Carolyn Miles—Save the Children and Timothy Rub—Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The word “empathy” evokes human feeling at the one-to-one level, demonstrated by heartfelt care in thought and action. We typically ascribe such behavior to close friends and family, yet a wide group of passionate social visionaries have transcended the inner circle’s confines to create organizations that directly benefit hundreds of thousands of lives, young and old. Their motivation—their raison d’être—centers entirely upon empathy for young people, for fellow citizens, for those in need within our society. These highly accomplished and resourceful individuals have founded and/or head key nonprofit and educational organizations with indelible impact. How have they achieved their far-reaching goals? What techniques have they utilized? How have their backgrounds prepared them for the rigors of today’s world? How do their organizations survive—indeed thrive—in today’s economy when dollars can be scarcer to come by than fat-free bacon? Royalties from Empathy go directly to each organization featured within the book, while interviews, biweekly podcasts and other supporting resources will directly aid other organizations as they seek to make their own impact within neighborhoods, regions and throughout the world.
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Release date: Spring 2019