Providing a Bright Future For Rural Uganda

June 15, 2017


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“If you pick fruit from a tree while menstruating, the tree will go barren.”

This notion is among many myths that primary school girls are taught in Uganda. Even as the girls advance to secondary school, they are shy to address beliefs that result in unsafe methods and that fail to protect them.

Challenges in Rural Uganda

The challenges faced by Ugandan society as a whole are extreme for young girls. The rural poverty level is higher than in urban Uganda, and school-related expenses are barriers for many girls seeking to attend school. Even when girls can afford to stay in school and buy sanitary pads, many mature without understanding appropriate menstruation management.

Undergraduate Students with a Mission

With a passion for social justice, Christina Egwim and Déjà Thomas worked together with Bana — a social enterprise that provides a hygienic way for girls to manage menstruation — to evaluate Bana’s work from an outside perspective. They spent 8 weeks living, traveling, working and conducting research in rural Uganda.

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